CryptDB – Secure Data Encryption For SQL Databases

Data transfer online is a tricky business. Especially for online applications which make use of large amounts of data, there are a number of ways the security of this data  can be compromised. It can be due to a data theft by a third-party or by a rogue system administrator himself. To prevent these, CryptDB is a very effective tool which helps secure the data.

CryptDB works on a number of aspects of online data protection. It encrypts all SQL queries made to a database through different encryption schemes. The schemes it utilizes in encrypting the queries are well compatible with SQL standards and are very efficient in protecting the data.

Another very important and efficient method deployed by CryptDB is that it chains the encryption keys with user passwords. In this way, only the person who has the password can access the data and consequently, only he can decrypt the data and access it. This is highly significant because sometimes, an unprofessional system administrator may try to access and leak certain data which belongs to the user. And making the data password-protected keeps it secure.

CrptDB has been demonstrated to be really efficient for the encryption of SQL queries. The source code repository and details on how to access the tool and deploy it on a database can be accessed here.

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