Flame: The Most Dangerous Malware To Have Hit The Web

We recently informed you that Kaspersky Labs has detected a new malware which is being called Flame. The malware is the most notorious of all the known malwares in that none of the current security solutions can adequately address it. So, flame is able to nick away data and infect the user’s computer without letting the user know at all.

Ever since the malware has been discovered, multiple analysts have affirmed that a malware of such complexity and functionality couldn’t have been the work of an individual or even a group. According to these analysts, there is a country or a nation-state behind the creation and work of this malware since only a nation could have procured the resources needed to create it.

Evidently, the first suspicion falls on U.S. and Israel, both of which have recently been discovered to be involved in infecting computers in other nations and nicking away their data through cyber warfare.

According to a senior researcher at Kaspersky Labs, “Flame is a covert operation in cyber-space and without a doubt, it’s been commissioned by a nation-state or nation-states. Global governments are investing more and more money in so-called offensive capabilities, and it’s a lot easier and cheaper than traditional espionage and warfare.”

Flame, according to Kaspersky Labs, has already been in existence for some four years and has been infecting machines and stealing data without being detected by anyone so far. This definitely makes this malware all the more dangerous. And from the functionality of Flame, it is quite evident that this malware was created with the very intent of stealing important data.

According to Kaspersky, “The attackers say they live in Germany or Austria, but we can’t be sure. We know they are particularly interested in PDF files, Microsoft documents and especially [design software] AutoCad files.”

Some 80 domains have been found to be a part of Flame’s command and control infrastructure. Fake IPs point to their origin in Germany and Austria but since these are fake IPs, one can’t be sure where are the actual culprits using the malware.

The good news for Windows users is that Kaspersky is of the opinion, “Windows 7 64 bit, which we previously recommended as a good solution against infections with other malware, seems to be effective against Flame.”

Source: Mashable

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