Google Joins Hands With FIDO For Secure Login Solutions

Passwords used to log into online accounts have proved fairly futile. In the recent months, a number of hacks have shown that hackers can easily crack passwords and gain access to online accounts. Google has now joined hands with FIDO to devise more secure solutions and replace password-based login.


FIDO stands for Fast Identity Online Alliance. A number of high-profile tech industry players are already a part of this alliance. These include the likes of PayPal, Lenovo and Validity. The addition of Google to this group is certainly a huge step forth for FIDO.

That is because Google draws its main strength from its online products. And in that sense, it is in a far greater need to come up with securer login procedures. According to the Product Management Director of Information Security at Google, Sam Srinivas, the search giant is looking forward to continue development on ‘strong, universal second-factor tokens.’

Apart from two-step authentication, FIDO is currently working on a number of other login solutions which include voice recognition, NFC systems and fingerprint scanners. The problem with these solutions is that they are quite inadequate when implemented as a stand-alone feature. So FIDO is trying to create an easy-to-use login solution which draws strength from all of these features and yet, is not too complicated for the average user.

In recent times, two-step authentication has proved to be a fairly reliable security feature. However, hackers have been able to manipulate the telecom systems to overcome the security provided by two-step authentication.

Courtesy: Slashgear

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