Government Seeks Cybersecurity Experts Through Competition

With the recent sophisticated attacks on critical infrastructure worldwide, the issue of cybersecurity has taken the center stage. The supply of cybersecurity experts has not matched the demand yet. The CyberAces program aims to end the gap.

Security vulnerability

CyberAces is a state funded program that aims to develop cybersecurity experts through a series of “challenging and realistic cybersecurity competitions, training camps, and educational initiatives.” By demonstrating their mastery, participants can receive a $25,000 scholarship for National Security Agency-level cybersecurity training. The program doesn’t have a bar on who can participate, and encourages high school, college students and professionals to sign up.

” What you’re searching for in cyberspace are the people who can respond in near real-time to a Stuxnet coming back at you,” said Cyber Aces founder Alan Paller, a co-chair on the Department of Homeland Security’s Task Force on Cybersecurity and Director of Research at SANS Institute. He also added, “We’re looking not for general, workmanlike-people; we’re looking for what we call the hunters and the tool builders.

These “hunters and tool builders” include 17-year-old high school senior Ryan McVeety and 55-year-old U.S. Navy veteran Jack Radiganm, both of whom were among the 10 scholarship winners at the second Cyber Aces competition, held last weekend in New Jersey.

All of these talented cybersecurity enthusiasts are expected to join the government’s cyber warfare efforts.

Thanks to: Mashable

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