Hacker Takes Over Baby Monitor, Shouts At The Baby

Typically, hackers are lucid individuals with definite goals in their minds. But there are some hackers who screw with others’ lives for the sheer fun of it. Such a hacker recently took over a baby monitor in Ohio and started shouting at the baby.

Baby monitor

It takes a certain tinge of sadism in a hacker to stoop to such a low. According to reports, a family in Ohio was asleep at night when they suddenly heard male voices in the room of their baby. The family had apparently set up a wireless IP camera in the baby’s room, which they monitored through their handsets.

When the baby’s mother woke up and saw her handset to see what the noise was all about, she saw that the camera was moving on its own. At the same time, some raving lunatic who had been able to hack into the camera was shouting out ‘Wake up, baby! Wake up, baby!’

When the family rushed to the baby’s room, the hacker who was playing around with the camera started screaming at the parents and shouting obscenities at them. So they quickly unplugged the camera.

This problem may seem trivial but it isn’t because thanks to the countless vulnerabilities in wireless cameras, people with little enough hacking skills are able to break into the systems of others and fulfill their sadistic whims without any regard for others or the law.

Courtesy: CNET

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