Hackers Can Use Your Smart TV To Watch You

Smart TVs have been around for a while and most of them equipped with a whole plethora of apps as well as in-built internet connectivity, to let you stream any content of your liking. However, a few exploits were recently discovered in certain Samsung Smart TV models, which would let hackers ‘watch’ you through the built-in cameras.

Smart TV

The security loophole, which was recently discovered and patched, essentially allowed any hacker around the globe to remotely turn on the built-cameras of the Smart TV and watch you while you watch TV.

Samsung was quick in fixing this security loophole. However, the instant brings out attention to a greater problem. People are increasingly interested in Smart TVs, so they must be made aware that they come with such possible security issues. Not only that, the vendors of such electronics must make every possible attempt to ramp up their security so that they are not misused.

In today’s digital age, everything is fast becoming a part of the automation equation. From home automation systems to our mobile devices, everything is virtually connected to something larger – most of the times a network, or the internet itself. And this essentially opens up the door for thousands of hackers out there to find loopholes and exploit them, in turn harming the user at the end of the day.

Although companies like Samsung pay hackers for different security loopholes, so that these exploits could be patched before they are misused. But quite frequently, an exploit is discovered by the vendor company only after it has been used by a number of hackers.

Courtesy: WTKR

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