Anonymous Warns Spectators Not To Attend Montreal F1 Race Event

Few days ago, the internet activist group Anonymous posted online a two hour long private video of Quebec Premier Jean Charest and other dignitaries, including former prime ministers Jean Chrétien and Brian Mulroney and former U.S. president George H.W. Bush. Now the same hacker group has leaked personal information of more than 130 people who bought tickets for watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix race which starts next week at Montreal and also threatened the race-watchers not to attend the event.

Anonymous Logo, Image Credit: Twitter

Recently, Anonymous has sent out a threatening email to more than 130 people who bought F1 Montreal tickets and leaked their information. Several people who were under attack confirmed that all the information posted about them was correct. The threat is all about not to attend the race. The e-mail reads –

“Notice to Grand Prix Visitors”

“Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can avoid or contain us, or that the police will protect you from our makeshift weapons. There is nowhere to hide. We know every street, every alley, every park. We know where you will sleep, where you will shop and where you will drink. We have been planning to crash your party for some time now. If you intend to use a car, know that your road may be barricaded. If you want to stay in a hotel, know that we may enter it. If you seek to withdraw money from a bank, know that the shattering glass may sting. If you plan on watching a race, know that your view may be obscured, not by exhaust fumes but by the smoke of the fires we set. Know that the evacuation order may not come fast enough”.

The hackers leaked the spectators’ personal information including their names, phones numbers, email addresses and the prices they paid for their tickets. Twenty-four year old Frank Thoeringer who is a victim of the attack by Anonymous received the e-mail at 2:30 am on last Thursday. He said that the scary e-mail won’t stop him and his family members from attending the F1 race.

But why or what for is this threatening e-mail? Well according to Anonymous, the threat of not to attend the Montreal F1 race is a part of its campaign dubbed as ‘Operation Quebec’ against some targeted government-related websites in response to an emergency law that limits demonstrations.

Montreal Grand Prix organizers said on Wednesday that in recent weeks, ticket sales have slowed due to the unrest in Quebec from the student crisis. On the other side, about this matter when F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was being asked, he said that he wasn’t aware of any internet security problems Moreover, he suggested people contact authorities regarding this matter.

In a news release on Monday, Anonymous said, “Beginning on June 7th and running through race day on June 10th, Anonymous will take down all the F1 websites, dump the servers and databases — and wreck anything else F1-related we can find on the Internet. We highly suggest that you join the boycott of the F1 in Montreal and we certainly recommend that you NOT purchase any tickets or F1 merchandise online”.

Let’s wait for June 7 to come, and see what happens. Whether the Anonymous becomes successful or not? Till then, stay with us.

Source : Globaltvbc
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