Hackers Infiltrates United Nations Website

Internet security has increasingly being violated by hackers as hacking tools and techniques grow at a faster pace than the security tools. We witnessed Anonymous hack a number of US government websites a few days earlier. They did it with ease and expertise. Now, another hacker has infiltrated the website of United Nations.

The hacker who infiltrated into United Nations websites made a list of all the vulnerabilities that he explored in the website and then posted that list on Pastebin. A UN spokesperson confirmed that the attack did take place. In his words,
“Whoever sought access was able to read some data from databases but was not able to modify content and was not able to prevent public access to the website.”

The hacker not only posted the vulnerabilities of the website, he also posted a detailed ‘map’ of the databases of UN on Pastebin. This was apparently to instigate other hackers to assault the website and breach it’s security.

Some analysts have said that UN’s website lacks even the most basic web security and that it was only natural that hackers were available to infiltrate the website. The analysts have said that this breach could have easily been prevented by UN had the organization followed at least the standard security procedures.

Image courtesy scazon.


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