Justin Bieber’s YouTube Channel Gets Hacked For A Few Hours

Justin Bieber is the one pop icon towards which all sane critics willfully fire their cannons. They are not to blame for that, neither is he for that matter. Nonetheless, apparently some zealot went so far in his opposition to Bieber than he decided to hack his YouTube channel, causing a flurry of OMG tweets.

Justin Bieber

Interestingly, the channel named ‘Kidrauhl’, has been hacked in the past too. The incident today took place sometime around 5:30 PT when tweets started pouring on the micro-blogging site, stating that the account has been hacked.

Apparently, the user who claimed to have hacked the page also provided the link to his own YouTube channel and Twitter page. However, the hacker apparently missed to state why he decided to hack the channel at all. Thankfully for Bieber fans, the channel was back in safe hands within a few hours.

Other tweets hinted that the Kidrauhl is not the only YouTube channel that got hacked today. However, it may be a result of the confusion that is a consequence of YouTube One Channel, the revamped design for YouTube channels.

Users have apparently started freaking out when they didn’t find the regular channel options in their places. Some even cited that they can no longer change their featured video, and were concerned if this was a result of some kind of a security problem.

Either way, YouTube hasn’t yet officially stated what exactly is the problem. And so, until that happens, we are in the dark. Let’s hope Google decides to push its YouTube team for a public announcement of the source of all this soon enough.

Courtesy: GigaOm

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