Hacker Community Decides To Counter The Problem Of Suicide

In the past, a number of high-profile, highly-gifted hackers have committed suicide, out of depression. This has stirred the hacker community at large, instigating a debate as to how the hackers can prevent suicidal thoughts and get help if they run into depression.

Aaron Swartz

The problem of suicide has taken away, from the hacker community, some of its most gifted individuals. A recent example of this is Aaron Swartz, a coding prodigy and a prominent activist, who committed suicide over the possibility of a prison term.

The issue is somehow understandable because hackers usually have lifestyles which significantly deviate from normalcy. They may sit in front of their computers for days, coding endlessly and sleeping at the oddest of times. This may also affect their dietary habits and in turn, have an adverse influence on their healths.

However, the best way to resolve these issues is to engage the hacker community, at large, in a discussion on the subject. This recenly happened when the notable hacker, Renderman, tweeted that, “My name is Renderman and I suffer from depression.”

Within moments, responses started trickling from other hackers, resounding similar thoughts. Many stated that they have even attempted suicide due to depression.

The flip side of the story, however, is that hackers have been found to be more resilient than most common people, especially because hackers like to take risks and are aware of the possible consequences. But the fact remains that the lifestyles of most hackers are generally such that they live isolated, anti-social lives. And the first step to countering this is to open up the debate in the hackers community and let the hackers engage with each other.

Courtesy: The Verge

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