LinkedIn Starts Offering Two-Step Login, After Twitter

Two-step verification has proved a very effective method in keeping online accounts secure. In the past, services such as Microsoft, Evernote and Twitter have started the use of the verification method. LinkedIn has also joined the list.


LinkedIn has been under criticism since passwords of millions of its users were exposed in a serious security breach last year. Many users were prompted by the company to change their passwords. The entire episode cast a rather bad impression about LinkedIn’s security.

To counter the damage done and to ramp up its security, LinkedIn has introduced a two-step verification process as part of the login process. Since the feature is optional, users can tweak their account settings to enable it.

By enabling two-step verification, users will be able to login only after they provide the password as well as the security code. This code will be sent straight to the users’ mobile phones.

If you wish to activate the feature on your LinkedIn profile, you can read this link here which provides detailed instructions as to how to turn on two-step verification on your account.

Source: LinkedIn

Courtesy: Reuters

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