Millions Of Hacking Attacks Launched Against Israeli Government Websites

Ever since the current conflict in Gaza started, Isreali Defence Forces have been fairly active on the social media. However, they irked an unexpected enemy when it planned to block internet access in Gaza. The famous hacktivist group Anonymous has decided to launch attacks against the Israeli government on the cyber space over the decision. According to the Israeli government, it has sustained millions of cyber attacks in the last few days.

Anonymous members are scattered all around the world and their primary weapon is DDoS attack, which they often deploy to overload a website’s server and crash it, even if briefly. The group started launching attacks on Israeli government websites after the nation launched a fresh offensive in Gaza recently.

According to the Israeli government, so far, more than 40 million hacking attacks have been launched on its websites, since Wednesday. Among these attacks, most targeted the defence-related websites of the country.

However, the Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz says that no significant damage has been sustained by any of the websites that had been targeted. He said, ‘The ministry’s computer division will continue to block the millions of cyber attacks. We are enjoying the fruits of our investment in recent years in developing computerized defence systems.”

Cyber warfare is fast becoming a very important tool even in actual warfare. Jeopardizing the financial or defence systems of a country is possible today given the fact that they are digital in their nature. However, governments often deploy sophisticated technologies and tools to guard these digital assets. Interestingly, while Israeli government claims that none of its websites are affected by the attack, Anonymous claims that it has successfully hit many sites.

Source: Reuters

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