Report Says Most People Used “123456” As Password Instead Of “password” In 2013

Top 25 Most Common Passwords In 2013

Password plays a very important role in terms of securing your online accounts. Many people use their date of birth, mobile number or name as password for their online accounts. Earlier, it was found that many people use “password” as password for their online accounts including Email, social media accounts. But lately, it’s been revealed that instead of using the password “password“, most of the internet users are now using “123456” as password for their online accounts.

Top 25 Most Common Passwords In 2013
Top 25 Most Common Passwords In 2013

SplashData, a maker of password management software, started analyzing passwords leaked by hackers in 2011 and for the first two years (meaning in 2011 and 2012) of its study, the management software firm found that “password” was the most commonly used password, ahead of “123456“. But the firm found that most people used “123456” as password instead of “password” in 2013.

This new rankings were influenced by a hack on Adobe that revealed 130 million passwords protected only by reversible encryption. Security firm Stricture Consulting Group was able to reveal the top 100 passwords from the Adobe hack, and “123456” came in first by a long shot. Stricture found 1.91 million uses of “123456” compared to 446,162 uses of “123456789” and 345,834 uses of “password“. On the other side, in 2010 Symantec ranked “123456” ahead of “password” as the most commonly used password of all time.

If you know someone who fits this category, remind them that it’s never too late to start using a password manager that can help create and securely store long, random passwords.

Source: SplashData

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