Nest Cam IQ indoor | The Sharper Security Camera For Your Home

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First and foremost, a Security Camera should be able to record video footage of its surroundings. Some Security Cameras might even come with 360 rotation. However, if you consider this to be the most advanced Security Cameras, think again.

Nest Cam IQ indoor comes with advanced processing power. Harnessing this Processing Power the Security Camera can detect familiar faces in a room full of people. Furthermore, it can also differentiate between objects and humans.

This Security Camera comes with Talk-and-Listen capabilities. So, if you see your Dog messing with the Sofa Cushions, just call his name out. Moreover, if you receive a notification that an unrecognized person is in your living room while you are having a nice Dinner party with your friends, try talking to him first. If he still doesn’t listen, you have video footage to track him down.


Nest Cam IQ Indoor comes with 4K sensors and HDR capabilities. We usually see these advanced technologies used in Digital TVs and Smartphones. You might be wondering, what do 4K and HDR have to do with a Security Camera?

4K and HDR features let videos captured by the Nest Cam IQ to be zoomed in without the fear of turning grainy and blurry. This way, you can identify the face of the burglars without consulting an expert. And in the case of live tracking, you can opt for close-up views. Moreover, these technologies come with the feature Intelligent Imaging. Which means it saves you the embarrassment of reporting a break-in against an unidentified person when in reality it’s your husband wearing a stupid Christmas hat. And last but not the least Nest Cam IQ saves video footage for 30 days.

Loud Speakers

Nest Cam IQ has a very powerful speaker which sits at its back. This speaker is 7 times louder than the previous Nest Cam Indoor.

But there is more to just Talk-and-Listen feature. Nest Cam IQ is able to take instructions from you with built-in Google Assistant. Apart from that, there is also a Noise & echo suppression feature.

Wrapping Up!

Nest currently has two Indoor Security Cameras- Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam IQ Indoor. Nest Cam Indoor relied on motion sensors and conspicuous sound detection. On the other hand, Nest Cam IQ Indoor uses somewhat an advanced version of that same technology. It combines Face Recognition with the older technology.

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