NSA Hacked Into UN Communications, Violated International Law

The ‘accomplishments’ of NSA have been surfacing on the web for a while now. Now, a German publication has reported that according to certain documents, the agency hacked into encrypted UN communications, thus violating international law.

UN building

Der Spiegel from Germany reports that NSA ‘accomplished’ this feat in the summer of 2012. The agency found a way of breaking through the encryption of United Nations’ internal videoconferencing system. This granted NSA access to a huge number of files which were priorly encrypted and inaccessible for the agency.

Interestingly, when the Americans were trying to do all this on the name of national security, Chinese hackers were also attempting the same. This shows that the problem of illegal cyber shenanigans and digital warfare is not limited to US authorities alone.

According to Der Spiegel, US also has a surveillance program called ‘Special Collection Service.’ This program applies to embassies and consulates and is used to collect information about nearly 80 such facilities around the globe, often without informing the host country.

The worst of this entire episode is that the agency has unabashedly and without the least remorse, admitted these crimes, even hailed them and called them righteous acts. To top it, the Obama regime is bent upon playing ignorant and overlooking these blatant violations of not only U.S. constitution but also international law. Suffice to say if US government glosses over such illegal tactics, those at the other side of the fence and obviously at fault, will find moral legitimacy for their errors.

Courtesy: Giga Om

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