NSA-Proof Crypto Font Can Save Your Ass On The Web

Given all the recent PRISM leaks and the consequent discussions, it is clear that NSA mass-scans the emails of virtually all users within U.S. and many outside the country. Sang Mun has now created a new NSA-prrof font which, he claims, can’t be deciphered by the artificially intelligent machines.

ZXX Typeface

Given the sheer amount of email generated every day, it is inevitable that NSA and other intelligence agencies have to rely on artificial intelligence software to sift through all these data. The question is, can these software be fooled by presenting text as symbols.

Sang certainly thinks so. The new font that he has created is called ‘ZXX’ which, Sang says, is a ‘disruptive typeface.’ The typeface is somewhat of a mix between random words and symbols, making it really hard for conventional decryption softwares to decipher it.

According to Sang, “The project started with a genuine question: How can we conceal our fundamental thoughts from artificial intelligences and those who deploy them? “I decided to create a typeface that would be unreadable by text scanning software (whether used by a government agency or a lone hacker)—misdirecting information or sometimes not giving any at all. It can be applied to huge amounts of data, or to personal correspondence.”

The motivation behind the creation of ZXX is political. Sang is of the view that the policing of internet must be stopped and that the typeface he has created may not be effective for very long but still serves as a reminder that we need to put the likes of NSA at their place and keep internet open and free. You can download the NSA-proof typeface for free here.

Source: Walker Art

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