Pakistani Hackers Deface Israeli MSN And Bing Websites

Ever since Israel launched the fresh offensive on Gaza, a parallel cyber warfare has also been waged. First, it was the hacktivist group Anonymous who launched OpIsrael campaign. And now, a group of Pakistani hackers seem to have launched a parallel campaign; they have defaced the Israeli versions of MSN and Bing.

Hack and deface by Pakistani leets

The attack has apparently been launched by a number of hackers, including ‘Zombie_KSA’ and ‘Pakistan Cyber Army.’ The pages hacked by this group were splattered with a hate-filled diatribe directed towards Israel and Jews, lambasting them for attacking Gaza, accompanied with a rather longish rant.

The group that is claiming responsibility for the defacement of the said websites has been involved in other cyber attacks in the past. One of these involved an attack on the website of Pakistan’s Supreme Court as well as other attacks on a number of websites during the controversy of the movie ‘Innocence of Muslims.’

Anonymous, too, had claimed that it had launched attacks on thousands of Israeli websites, wiping a number of databases and taken down a number of sites, albeit briefly. However, the attempt by Pakistan hackers is certainly not a part of Anonymous’ OpIsrael campaign and was a standalone attempt on their own.

Access to MSN and Bing sites for Israeli users have been restored through alternate links ‘’ and ‘’ The main link to Bing’s Israeli version continues to remain defaced as of now.

Courtesy: The Verge

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