AOL Asks Millions Of Users To Reset Passwords Following Security Breach

Security breaches have become a very important thing in the online world. AOL has now alerted millions of its users, asking them to reset their passwords as a precautionary measure in the wake of a recent security breach.


According to the details revealed so far, AOL has admitted that some unauthorized entities were able to access its network, breach through the network security and reach user data. These people, possibly hackers, were then able to access user data such as email addresses, contact information, postal addresses and encrypted passwords.

So far, there is no proof to suggest that the hackers were able to crack the encryption of these passwords. But if the mass digital breaches in the past are any example, this will only be a matter of time. AOL launched an investigation into the possibility of such a breach after an unusual rise in spam email sent from AOL mail addresses.

And now that this security breach has been revealed, many have stated that the hackers who perpetuated the breach have apparently been using the data to send out spam emails. AOL says that until now, these spam emails have come from a mere 2% of its email accounts, which should be a huge number when calculated against millions of AOL’s mail users.

If you use an AOL mail account, it would be a good precautionary measure to change your password as soon as possible. Moreover, if you receive a spam email which comes with a suspicious link or asks for your financial or personal data, don’t respond to it or click on any link it provides.

Courtesy: TechWorm

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