Stuxnet And Flame Were Created By Same People, Probably U.S. And Israel

Conspiracy theories a re usually a laughable business. But when they turn out to be true, that is indeed a shock. We reported earlier about the deadly malware known as Flame and that recent reports have clearly shown that both U.S. and Israel collaborated to launch the notorious  malware Stuxnet, meant to target Iran. And now, it has been revealed that both Stuxnet and Flame were created by the same creators.

So how was it found out that the same makers created Stuxnet as well as Flame? Simple. Kaspersky Labs, while exploring the notorious Flame malware that it was the first to discover, has been exploring the code of Flame. And in doing so, it discovered that some snippets of code were exactly similar in both Stuxnet and Flame.

This evidently shows that the developers of Stuxnet and Flame either collaborated or shared their code with each other  to help each other. According to Kaspersky Labs, “The new findings that reveal how the teams shared the source code of at least one module in the early stages of development prove that the groups co-operated at least once.”

Flame is considered highly dangerous by security experts because it has been around for years, managing to remain undetected. And has been found out only recently. In the past, Iran has repeatedly alleged that U.S. and Israel have launched a cyber war against it. Most of us considered that the stuff conspiracy theories are made up of.

But increasingly, such new proofs are coming to light which strongly seem to validate Iran’s allegations. It’s about time an international code of conduct was formulated to stop countries with superior technological capabilities to wreck the technological infrastructure of less developer nations through cyber weapons.

Source: RT News

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