Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Site Of US Marines

In the past, a number of successful cyber attacks have been blamed on Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a group of pro-Assad hackers. With the US at the advent of entering the Syrian war, SEA has now hacked and defaced the site of US Marines, calling on the marines to disobey their orders if they are asked to attack Syria.

US Marines sit

In this fresh hack attempt, SEA has tried to reach out to the US marines and convince them that US and Syrian government are fighting a common foe.

The exact text that is posted to the site says, “This is a message written by your brothers in the Syrian Army, who have been fighting Al Qaeda for the last 3 years. We understand your patriotism and love for your country so please understand our love for ours. Obama is a traitor who wants to put your lives in danger to rescue Al Qaeda insurgents.”

It then goes on to request the marines to refuse the orders if they are asked to intervene in Syria. The authorities have confirmed that the U.S. Marines site was indeed attacked and defaced but was not essentially hacked. SEA simply redirected the users away from the actual site to a page of their own, hinting that the group has yet again manipulated the domain registrar to have its way.

To be noted, in the past SEA has been alleged to have hacked the sites of New York Post, Reuters, Associated Press and many other media organizations.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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  1. Tsais

    I guess more and more people realize what’s really going on with the CIA sponsored false flag Syrian insurgency by mercenaries and Al Quaida combatants.

    Its all just a geopolitical play to win the most resources for the 21st Century and oppress humanity at large for the benefit of a few ultra rich cockroaches.

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