Two-Step Authentication Coming To Microsoft Soon

Microsoft is going to launch two-factor-authentication to its account services soon. The new authentication feature will be available through an app called Authenticator via the Windows Phone Store.

Microsoft Authenticator

The Authenticator app is already available in Windows Phone Store. However, the two-step authentication feature won’t be usable until Microsoft completely rolls it out. Under this authentication process, once a user adds his/her Microsoft account to the app, the user will need to provide both the account password and the constantly-chraging security code from the app everytime he/she wants to log in. Users, who constantly log in and out of accounts, can choose whether they’ll require a code every time when signing in or not.

The two-step authentication won’t work with linked accounts. One will have to unlink all linked accounts before using the Authenticator app.

The Authenticator app will be available for all major platforms – Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows. However, when the feature will go live is still unknown.

Thanks to: Slashgear

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