United Airlines Website Glitch Lets You Purchase Free Tickets

United Airlines doesn’t exactly seem keen on improving its ticket-purchasing system. The company has suffered because of it in the past and now, users have found an exploit which lets them purchase United Airlines tickets absolutely free of cost.

United Airlines

This fresh exploit discovered in the airline’s website has apparently been exploited by users for some time now. It came to the attention of Mashable only when one of the its readers divulged the exact steps which must be followed to take advantage of the loophole.

Apparently, it involves creating a ‘Mileage Plus’ account and then making the purchase in two different tabs so that the system is deceived into thinking that you have enough frequent flier miles to pay for the ticket. So, you are not charged anything and are able to purchase the ticket free of cost.

In the past too, United Airlines has suffered such instances where customers were able to purchase tickets for half their original prices. Back then, the airline claimed that this was due to human error and so, decided to honor all the purchases which were made in this lieu.

However, this time, United Airlines has decided to cancel all such tickets which were purchased using the online exploit. According to a spokesperson for the company, “We’ve identified an issue where customers are intentionally manipulating our website. We will not honor these reservations.” The company further stated that since this glitch was not a result of human error and rather that of intentional manipulation of the site, it has a right not to honor such purchases.

Courtesy: Mashable

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