Internet Giants Having Issues With The French Law

French Government is going to court for its newest law regarding internet based service provider companies. The lawsuit is filed by companies like Google and Facebook over a recent law that has been approved by the government. The rule is simple; these companies would have to hand out personal information of users for a year if the French authorities ask.

It’s more like a challenge which is brought by the French Association of Internet Community Services (ASIC). Google and Facebook, who have lots of users in the country, boast about their security level. But with the introduction of this new law, it has become very hard for the two companies to let users enjoy their services without the fact that their secret identity or general secrecy/privacy is at risk of getting into government officials’ hands.

The two said websites along with many others have been collecting a lot of personal information like postal addresses, phone numbers and most importantly, the passwords. French authorities have expressed an interest in all the aspects, especially the passwords.

But Google and Facebook are being used by people from all walks of lives, meaning that they will be less likely to join or use those sites anymore. The number of French authorities who would have or ask for the person is so high that the misuse of this kind of information is very likely to happen.

Google and Facebook along with other companies are forcing the decision to go back as it is obviously violating both companies’ strategies with regard to privacy and users’ right to private details

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