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US And Russia Lead The List Of Malicious Websites, Not China

The West may hold China responsible for many of the sophisticated cyber attacks recorded in recent times, but a new report would put those claims into a tough spot. The new report by HostExploit evaluates the most malicious hosting providers on the internet on a number of criteria, and China is not in the top 10 in any of these list.

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In a badness index – calculated considering factors such as infected web sites, botnet C&Cs, exploits etc -both Russia secured the top place and United States stood at 7th position; China is not even in the top 10 list.

In the top 10 list of websites with the highest number of malicious URLs, 5 websites are from the U.S. that includes Amazon and Google. The most infected website is a Russian one – China is not present in the list either.

In the whole report you will find China in one place only – in a list of top 50 hosts with “the highest observed concentrations of malicious activity.” China has two entries here – one is Chinanet Backbone (15th position) and another is China169 Backbone (32th position). Russia has 8 different entires and USA has 13 different entries in the list.

Seems, China is well ahead in securing its home turf.

Source: HostExploit

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