WeChat Takes A Shot At Mark Zuckerberg In A New Ad

Messaging app WeChat has taken a clever shot at Mark Zuckerberg in a new ad. The ad shows how Zuckerberg is consulting a psychiatrist to help resolve his friendship issues and how WeChat is prescribed as the perfect cure.

WeChat ad

The ad shows a person lying on a couch and wearing Adidas flip-flops. While the video doesn’t specifically identify him as Zuckerberg, the conversation and the gist of the ad clearly shows that’s who the character is meant to be. Apparently, Zuckerberg ends up in a shrink’s office because he is unable to stand the increasingly newer ways of connecting with others.

In short, he is losing mind because services like WeChat are in the market. In the first ad, Zuckerberg asks the shrink why his friends are unfriending and leaving him. After some deliberation, the psychiatrist diagnoses him with a case of friendophobia, which is an inability to make real friends.

To make things worse, the shrink prescribes WeChat, a service that allegedly lets people connect better with each other. And why is that? The video tells us that WeChat is awesome and unique because it has animated stickers. So when Zuckerberg decides to bring an army of lawyers to stop the shrink from prescribing WeChat, he says that WeChat is a genuine cure and it helps people, including Zuckerberg, express their emotions better.

The ads are cleverly done but at the same time, one can’t look beyond the fact that WeChat is still the sub-standard messaging service that needs a lot of time and improvements to join the big league.

Courtesy: CNET

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