Google Makes Image Search Easy

Google has always been about upgrading its services to make things faster for everybody and they’ve just introduced a new update to their search engine to make it easier to look for images. Whenever you search for something on the regular search, Google will try to determine if you’re looking for images or not and if it believes that you’re looking for images rather than text, it will show you more image results than regular text links in the search results……….


Google has made significant improvements to its image search functions this week, rolling out the latest updates to Google Images and Google will now automatically try to figure out whether or not you are looking for images, even before you remember to hit the Images tab. “Starting this week we’re making it easier to quickly find great images right in your Google search results,” reads a recent post from Google software engineer, Grant Dasher. “Drawing from last year’s broader update to Google Images, we’ve integrated many of the features we introduced at that time into our main search results. Images will now appear in a tiled layout, with hover previews that give you a larger thumbnail and more information about a particular image.” Basically, if Google thinks that your query has “high image intent” then they will start to automatically show you lot more photos, pictures and other images on the page. The Google engineer gives the example of a search for [nebula pictures] which “instead of just three or four pictures at the top of the results” throws up “more than a dozen beautiful pictures filling up most of the page.”



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