WordPress 3.0 Released

It finally arrived. The most used CMS blogging platform WordPress Just released its most awaiting Version 3.0

WordPress 3.0 Final is now available for everybody. Today Matt Mullenweg(Creator and core developer of WordPress) announced it via this blog post. Version 3.0, is the 13th major release of the software, and contains over 2,700 changes — including 1,217 bug fixes — that were provided by 218 volunteers.

What’s new in 3.0? One of the best ways to find out is to try out the new Twenty Ten theme, which shows off many of the release’s (which is also called “Thelonius”) major new features, including custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus, post types and taxonomies.

Check Out this video for more details:

That MU has been integrated into the main version of WordPress ensures that it should be easier to deploy. Also, the multi-blog capability erases “the final edge” that competing blog platform MovableType had over WordPress. MovableType has long offered the ability to run multiple blogs, though bloggers have shown a preference for WordPress, largely due to its interface, as well as to the fact that WordPress runs on PHP, which can be easier to understand than the Perl language that MovableType relies upon.

Another major feature is the ability to build custom post types. Instead of every page being tagged as a blog post, it can be defined in terms that the user specifies. So each page could represent a product, for instance, and have specific fields relating to that category, such as price and model.

Custom post types will further help establish WordPress as a good candidate for managing an entire Web site’s content, in addition to just the blogs.

Other new features include the ability to update multiple plug-ins at once, and a new default theme and redesigned user interface.

With 3.0 behind them, the lead developers will not immediately jump into working on version 3.1 of the software, but rather will skip a release cycle to work on some of the external issues that have arisen from the growing popularity of the software, according to the announcement, which was posted by WordPress co-developer Matt Mullenweg These chores might include improving the mailing lists, the theme and plug-in directories as well as the application programming interfaces.

If you are interested about this new WordPress 3.0, just upgrade your existing WordPress site or make a blog at Hbuq.com, its free WordPress MU site.

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