Work and Play: Best Bundle Of Microsoft – Get Office 365, Skype, Xbox LIVE And Xbox Music For $199

Bundling used to be a bad word at Microsoft, following the company’s Department of Justice problems. But these days, bundling is back to being king at the company. Now Microsoft is offering a new bundle called “Work and Play” that includes all of its most popular subscription based services — which include Office 365 (with 1TB of storage), Skype, Xbox LIVE and Xbox Music for $199.

Microsoft Bundle Offer

Microsoft launched this new promotional bundle on November 10 and will sustain till January 5. If you get each subscription within the combined subscriptions separately, it will cost you at least $330 annually, but now you can get these best subscriptions in a bundle for $199.

However, the bundle works simply. When purchasing the bundle, Microsoft will give you four different codes which you can redeem at each services respectable websites. Each code lasts for 1 year, and as already mentioned, Office 365 comes with 1TB OneDrive storage too. So if you were wondering, no this isn’t one subscription for all four services, it’s four subscriptions under one purchasable bundle.

It’s clear that Microsoft’s plan is very simple: it wants to draw in new users to its existing software and services by getting fans of other parts of its business to line up. It’s a good strategy, and one that takes advantage of Microsoft’s strengths without really requiring that the company do much to stretch itself. Plus, it can help highlight how these services can work together, even if overlap isn’t immediately apparent to a consumer pre-purchase. The Work and Play bundle is only available for in-store purchase at Microsoft retail stores only.

Source: Microsoft

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