Yahoo Introduces Cost-Per-Lead Ads In Its Search Results

Yahoo’s advertisements on its search pages are one of the key sources of revenue for the company. Apparently to bolster this revenue, Yahoo has dished out a new kind of advertisement. They are being termed Cost-Per-Lead ads and essentially allow advertisers to gather information from users.

Cost-per-lead ads

These new kind of ads are neatly embedded into Yahoo’s search results. They usually consist of multiple data fields that the advertisers ask the users to fill in. Once the user fills in the information and proceeds, a new window pops up with further prompts from the advertiser.

For instance, if you were searching for dating sites on Yahoo search, you will be presented with a Cost-per-lead ad from The ad would consist of different fields asking you to specify your own gender, location and name. It also presents you with a ‘Search Now’ button.’ Once you hit the button, you are taken to a page which asks you for further details and helps you find a date.

According to Yahoo, it will first verify the data provided by the users so that an advertiser has to pay only for the legal fill-ins. The company hasn’t specified the pricing of these new form of ads and has rather given the ambiguous statement that pricing may vary according to product or service.

However, a Yahoo spokesperson did reveal this much that per SERP, only one ad will appear and that if two advertisers bid for the space and are equally qualified to get it, the one who is ranked higher in the search results will be able to nab it.

Source: Yahoo

Courtesy: SearchEngineLand

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