Yahoo Starts Wish List To Request Inactive Usernames

We reported earlier that Yahoo had decided to axe such accounts which have been inactive for extended periods. Now, the company has launched a Wish List where you can enter such usernames which you wish to acquire. Once Yahoo identifies that any of these usernames are available, they will be reassigned to you on a first-come first-serve basis.

Yahoo wishlist

On the company’s official Wish List page, you can add up to five usernames, in order of your preference. It is certainly wise to add more than one username, since many people would be signing up to lay their hands on the now-defunct usernames which are coming up for grabs.

The company will first discern whether or not any username that you have added to the wish list is available. If it’s already owned by a user, it may be available only if it hasn’t been used for a year or so. As soon as Yahoo identifies that the username is indeed available, it will then determine the person who was the first to add it to his wish list. And thus, the username will be assigned to that person.

That is precisely why Yahoo is also asking for ‘contact info’ on the Wish List page, so that the company can prompt you if any of the usernames you want becomes available.

Many have cast doubts that once a new user takes over an older username, it can cause many problems. Yahoo has tried to allay these contentions by stating, “Since we take privacy and safety seriously, we’re announcing exactly how we’ll be working with partners, like e-commerce and social networking sites, on identifying that you’re the new owner of a Yahoo! username, and not the previous one.”

Source: Yahoo Wish List

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