Yahoo Reveals Top Searches For The Year 2013

As the current year moves to a conclusion, tech companies have started dishing out trends and analytics for the last 12 months. Yahoo has now revealed the top Yahoo searches for the year 2013, a list topped by Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus

Cyrus has been in the center of a number of controversies this year, ranging from her terky VMA performance to fairly unusual music videos and a lot more. Given that, it is not surprising to note that she was the most searched person during 2013.

Second on the list is Kim Kardashian, who was the top searched person during 2012. Kardashian is followed by Kate Upton, a popular US model who came in at the third position. Interestingly, Minecraft is the fourth most searched term on Yahoo, hinting at the continuing popularity of the indie game.

Selena Gomez occupied the fifth position, citing how notable celebrities continue to be the top obsesstion of users turning to online search engines.┬áThe sixth position on this list of Yahoo’s most searched terms is Obamacare, the healthcare plan devised by President Obama which caused a furore among the Republicans.

Apple‘s iPhone may be the most popular smartphone but it can’t win all the contests. iPhone 5 was the ninth most popular term among Yahoo’s 2013 searches. Finally, it would appear that Justin Bieber has lost a bit of his popularity, or notoriety. The young singer was able to manage the tenth position on the list with an obvious dip in his fan base, at least among the online audience.

The detailed list of Yahoo’s 2013 search trends can be viewed here.

Source: Yahoo

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