YouTube Doles Out Another $200 Million To Generate Original Content

Google has been pushing YouTube to all new dimensions by connecting with content producers and trying to bring original content to YouTube channels. With the video portal becoming one of the largest video ad properties, it seems natural that Google is still continuing to invest heavily into the website.

The last big thing that Google introduced on YouTube was a revamped look of ‘channels’ trying to bring the whole experience of creating and watching channels right to the heart of YouTube. In a way, the channels were and are meant to replace the regular TV-watching and that is precisely what Google is aiming at.

This Wednesday evening, YouTube brought together an event at New York’s Beacon Theater. At the event, the company announced that it will be spending another $200 million to attract more original and professional content to YouTube. According to Google’s Robert Kyncl, ‘If you want to lead, join us now for the next seven years. We can build audiences together. We can build brands together.’

Google has already launched the service featuring a lot of original content from some very notables names in the industry such as Jennifer Garner, Julia Stiles, Dakota Fanning and Jon Avnet. With such notable players of the industry actively working with Google to churn out original content for YouTube, it can well be expected that YouTube will soon one of the chief content distributors online. The goal of the company is to bring out 25 hours of original content each day this year.

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