YouTube Introduces One-Click Video Editing Feature

YouTube has been rolling out a lot of updates to constantly improve the user experience on the video site. Now, YouTube has released yet another feature that can prove very useful to amateur camera-users as well as busy videographers. With one-click video-editing, all you have to do is click the notification that will pop at the top of the window and YouTube will then automatically edit the video, improving the colors and toning down the shakiness, if any.

This will be very instrumental for such users who frequently upload videos and may want to cut down on the time they have to spend editing their videos. Now all you have to do is click the option of auto-editing and you will instantly be able to improve the quality of your video before it uploads.

According to YouTube software engineer John Gregg, ‘Sometimes videos suffer from symptoms like ‘shaky-camera-itis’ or ‘augmented-darkness-levels’ that keep viewers from seeing just how awesome your video really is. We made a big step last year with the YouTube Video Editor, and now we’re adding a feature that does the work of curing these symptoms for you.’

Shaky videos are very frequent and for viewers, they can prove to be very annoying. Of course the editor is now too powerful or advanced, but it can still take care of a lot of basic tasks such as fixing color and making a shaky video more stable.

However, the site has plans of rolling out even more advanced features to make the auto-edit feature more advanced and powerful in the coming days.

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