See How A 300-foot Long Turbine Blade Moved Unseparated

Typically, logistics industry relies on dismantling huge objects into smaller parts and then transporting them anywhere. But what about a 300-foot long turbine blade that can’t be trimmed down to size? The image below shows how crazy it is to transport such a thing.

300-foot turbine blade

This is how it happens: two carriers perched on each end of the turbine blade support it while moving exactly in unison so that the blade remains in their clutches. We can only imagine what a nightmare that would be. Essentially, both vehicles will have to maintain a certain angle at each step so that the balance of this gigantic monster is not disturbed.

The worst part of this tale is that this blade has to move from Denmark, where it was manufactured, all the way to Methil, Scotland where it would become a part of the largest offshore wind turbine on Earth. This means moving long distance with this 300-foot blade.

Naturally, it needed a lot of international coordination and a whole lot of efforts on the part of the engineers and resources on the part of the manufacturing company to have this thing shipped all the way out there. The turbine where this blade is going to be fixed is 7-megawatt site and has been created by Samsung Heavy Industries.

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Courtesy: Gizmodo

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