Nvidia marketing director arrested after allegedly joking that he had a bomb

The marketing director of Nvidia has been arrested for joking that he had a bomb. The name of the 47 years old director was Yushing Lui. He was just settling on his seat on the Cathay Pacific Airways flight. He was going to Hong Kong from San Francisco.

When he was sitting on his seat, the flight attended offered him to take his jacket. According to prosecutors, when she asked whether there was anything important in the pockets, he said he had a bomb. He also said there was a million dollars inside.

Mercury News reported:

As a flight attendant was taking Lui’s jacket, she asked whether it had anything important in the pockets, to which he replied: “I have a bomb in my jacket,” prosecutors said.

The flight attendant backed away and the flight crew on board called San Francisco Airport Police, which immediately responded and did not find a bomb.

Police arrested Lui and booked him into San Mateo County Jail. Under police interrogation, Lui denied saying anything about a bomb, and said he only told the flight attendant “something to the effect that he did not have a million dollars inside” the jacket, prosecutors said.

Lui comes to the Bay Area to work roughly every six months and speaks fluent English, said chief deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. Even if the comment had been a joke, such a remark on board an aircraft can lead to prosecution, he

The flight attendant called airport police who, astonishingly, did not find a bomb.

Lui was freed on $10,000 bail after Judge Beth Freeman decided it was just too risky to let him loose without. His trial is scheduled for March 8.

Source: Mercury News

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