3 Out Of 4 American Adults Prefer Printed Books Over eBooks

Ever since the inception of ebooks, many have cited the contention that they may soon replace actual, printed books. It goes without saying that ebooks are cheap, easy to access, highly convenient for the readers and offer many other benefits. However, a poll has now revealed that 75% of American adults still prefer printed books over ebooks.

Books vs ebooks

In its poll, Ramussen Reports asked nearly 1,000 American adults about their reading preferences. The telephonic survey was conducted nearly a week ago and in light of its findings, the American readers still have an overwhelming liking for actual books rather than ebooks.

Incidentally, this phenomenon has also been observed in other parts of the world. People tend to go for ebooks because of the convenience and ease such electronic copies offer, but once they find a given ebook extra-ordinary, most of them want an actual, hard copy of that book.

A breakdown of the findings by Ramussen Reports shows that while 75% American adults prefer actual books, only 15% prefer reading books over an electronic device while another 10% are not sure what they prefer more.

The findings are good in that they show that despite the march of electronic devices, smartphone and tablets, people still haven’t forgotten the printed books and would still prefer them any day.

Source: Ramussen Reports

Courtesy: Slashdot

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