A Canadian Uses Passport Image On iPad To Cross US Border

Martin Reisch, 33 years old a Canadian citizenship, who forgot to carry his passport while he was about to cross US border. He was driving from Quebec to the United States. But most interesting matter he crossed US border without passport. It did not had extra time going back home to bring passport again. Instantly he applied a little thinking and saved several extra hour.

Passport Uses On iPad

Martin Reisch showed his passport using on iPad. He scanned his passport five years ago and saved it to Dropbox folder. The document looked over by officer Martin Reisch allowed to entry the United States. Officer even said him also ‘Happy Holidays’. Reisch explained his situation to the border officer and officer understood his problem. The officer took his iPad and driving license and coming back after five minutes and to give a green signal.

Passport Uses On iPad

Reisch said ‘He was very nice about it’.

US Custom and Border protection says ‘it will accept document such as passport, driving license and Nexus pass from Canadian to cross border’.

Reisch went to Vermont to see friends and snap landscape photos. Reisch also said showed the passport on iPad to Canadian customs on the way home though it was not necessary.

Reisch said he travels to US about a dozon time a year, hopes border officers eventually make digital identification an official from of travel document.

Source: The Canadian Press

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