Amazon CEO Bezos Suffers Kidney-Stone Attack On Ship, Transported Away By Navy

Amazon CEO recently suffered a kidney-stone attack while he was away on a cruise ship. Jeff Bezos was then airlifted by a helicopter of Ecuadorean Navy and transported to Baltra Island.

Jeff Bezos

Bezos was apparently having a good time on a New Year’s cruise in the Galapagos Island when the attack happened. Briefly, a navy helicopter reached the ship and carried Bezos away for treatment. After a quick check-up, he headed back to US where he was to undergo an ’emergency surgery.’

Relating the rescue, Juan Carlos Ibarra of the Ecuadorean navy stated, ‘We landed our helicopter on a football pitch there. They told us that a doctor had already gone in boat to treat him onboard the yacht. They stabilized him and took him to the United States. He was conscious, but he was on a drip.’

Amazon spokesperson later dished out an email which stated that Bezos was now alright, without undergoing a surgery. According to the spokesperson, Drew Herdener, “Jeff got a good outcome. No surgery was required. Galapagos: five stars. Kidney stones: zero stars.”

Source: Reuters

Courtesy: Mashable

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