19-Year-Old Killed By Remote Controlled Helicopter

Remote-controlled helicopters may not look too dangerous but they come with very sharp blades which spin at very high speeds. A 19-year-old boy in Brooklyn recently died when a remote-controlled helicopter hit him in the head.

Remote controlled helicopter

Roman Pirozek was really into the use of remote-controlled helicopters and performed many tricks with his copter. It was apparently in the middle of performing such a trick with the helicopter that he was struck in the head, a blow which immediately proved fatal.

The incident took place in Brooklyn and the helicopter that struck Pirozen scalped the top of his head. At the time of the incident, the victim’s father was present with him. Pirozek was part of a helicopter flying club and often posted videos of his helicopter-flying sessions on YouTube.

He was flying his helicopter at Calvert Vaux Park when the incident happened. This park is known among helicopter enthusiasts and even at the time of the incident, many other people were flying their remote-controlled helicopters in the area.

Most of us dismiss remote-controlled helicopters as benign objects which can be used for fun and sports. But at the end of the day, they must be used safely so that no one is harmed in the sport. Although seemingly little, these helicopters can rotate their blades at speeds as high as 250 mph and if they strike someone with the blades running at such a speed, it can cause a tragic accident.

Courtesy: WSJ

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