Australian Sailboat Pilot Sets A New World Speed Sailing Record Of 110 kmph

Paul Larsen, an Australian sailboat pilot, has made a world speed sailing record of 59.23 knots for 5oo meters on November 16. On November 24, Larsen broke his own record and made a new world speed sailing record of 59.38 knots (68.3 mph or 110 kmph) for 500 meters riding Vestas’ Sailrocket 2.

Larsen With Vestas Sailrocket

Australian sailboat rider Paul Larsen set this new world record of 59.38 knots for 500 meters in the Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia. Now, Larsen is focusing to set a new record of 60 knot (111.12 kmph or 69.05 mph) with Vestas’ Sailrocket 2.

The team members of Vestas are very happy for Larsen’s new record. The team claims that it’ll extend its own 500m record and take the one nautical mile crown from the French sail-powered hydrofoil known as the ‘Hydroptère’. If you are interested to follow Paul and the team, you can get them on Twitter.

Thanks To : Gizmag

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