Three Months Old Baby Becomes Internet Sensation After Open Heart Surgery

Joey (full name Joey Powling Jr) was born last July. But this little innocent baby was a jinx. He had been suffering from serious problem as he was born with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a hole in the heart. He could have died unless an operation had been done. And now this baby has become the newest ‘celebrity’ in the cyber space and looks even more cute after the successful operation.

Joey Powling After Open Heart Surgery

When Joey’s mother Sarah Powling was pregnant, doctors found that the baby inside Sarah had a small hole in his heart. Doctors mentioned they will do an open heart surgery when Joey turns three months old. Sarah birthed Joey in last July. As per the plan, doctors were preparing themselves for doing the open heart surgery. But doctors were fearing that the operation could lead Joey to death. Joey’s family and his mother took the risk of Joey’s life.

Doctors made a successful open heart surgery on three months old Joey at the Boston Children’s Hospital on October 25. Joey’s mother snapped the above picture five days later (October 30), while she was playing with her beloved baby. You can clearly see the giant scars extending from his neck to nearly his belly button. Joey’s mother and family was so happy that they shared the picture with the entire world through, a website where people submit photos and articles, and others vote for popularity.

More than a million people across the world have viewed Joey Powling Jr.’s photo and commented on how cute he is. “What a legend,” writes one user. Other awesome feedback from fans include – “A baby Bruce Willis” and “That baby is manlier than me.” This clearly proves that now Joey has got huge internet fame. But for Joey’s family, the photo is more than just internet fame. Watch the interview with Sarah and Joe Powling.

Sarah hopes to use Joey’s newfound internet fame to spread awareness about TOF. They’re having bracelets made up saying “Joey hearts you” and “Don’t turn blue, get a clue.”

Source : Yahoo

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