Auto Door Zero : An Automatic Door That Operates Without Electricity

Ever heard of an automatic sliding door which can operate without any external power source? You are going to hear about one. Japan’s Yuki Corp. has created an automatic sliding door which is capable of opening and closing by itself automatically without any external electric power source.

Yuki Corp. has named the door “Auto Door Zero”. It is powered by one’s body weight. Whenever someone steps onto the door’s plate, the plate generates approximately 0.3 watts of electricity. Due to body weight the system activates and the door opens. When someone steps on the plate, he/she sinks about 2 cm before the door opens.

The door has been set up in the employee restroom of the “Shibuya Hikarie“. Unless an employee actually goes through the steps of using the soap dispenser and running the water, the door won’t open to let them exit.

Source : (Japanese)

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