Barcelona Space Hotel To Be The World’s First Zero Gravity Spa

Barcelona is renowned for its world heritage sites. Thousands of tourists visit the city each year to see these world heritage sites. Recently, U.S.-based company Mobilona Space Hotels has unveiled its plans for the “world’s first zero gravity spa” in Barcelona.

Space Hotel (Conceptual Design)

Recently, Mobilona Space Hotels has received several proposals from the three cities – Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha -to construct a space hotel in Barcelona. The Space Hotel will be built on Barcelona Island, and it would be 300 meters or 984 ft high. This complex will include a hotel, private apartments, a 24-hour shopping mall and a marina. There will be 2,000 suites in this hotel. This man-made island will give guests opportunity to enjoy the views of the sea no matter which way their room faces.

Space Hotel On Barcelona Island - 1

Visitors would be able to reach here to see this complex via a pedestrian walkway stretching across the sea from the mainland. On the island, tourists will experience a form of “weightlessness in vertical wind tunnel.” Tourists will also be able to visit the “Space Mall” 24/7. It would cost between €300 and €1500 per night to stay here and timeshares will start at €20,000 for an annual one-week occupancy right.

Space Hotel On Barcelona Island -2

Jerome Bottari, CEO of Mobilona Global has said, “The windows of Mobilona Space Hotels will be transparent glass displays that can be turned on during ‘flights’ and turned off when guests want to return from their ‘Space Trip.'”

However, Mobilona has confirmed that it would like to invest €1.5 billion (US$1.9 billion) initially for the development of Barcelona Island. But interestingly, Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona, has dismissed initial interest in the project. However, if made, the Space Hotel will be Europe’s first man-made island and ‘space hotel.’ In fact, the Space Hotel will be “the world’s first zero-gravity spa.”

Do you think Mayor Trias will give his consent to build this complex? Will the Space Hotel be able to lure enough tourists each year to see itself? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

Source: Barcelona Island
Thanks To:  The Telegraph

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