See Some Beautiful Worlds Trapped Inside Tiny Bottles

Many people have different hobbies. Some read story books, some love cooking, some like drawing/painting. But Berlin-based artist and animator Rafael Varona has a very different hobby. He builds different types of beautiful world in tiny bottles.

Beautiful World Trapped In Bottle

Lately, Rafael Varona has launched a new series of animated GIFs called “Impossible Bottles.” The site is full of beautiful and wondrous imaginary worlds stuffed inside miniature glass bottles.

You will find dense, dark and colorful jungle as well as foreboding lake in the images. Varona has also created a few smaller pieces that highlight the details, like the swimming woman.

Woman Swimming Inside Bottle

When Varona was asked about this bizarre concept, he simply replied, “I found them to be an amazing inspiration to show animated worlds that are somehow limited or finite yet to include figures that observe their surroundings and experience it.”

Wondrous World Inside Bottle

If you want to see some more of Varona’s work, simply just visit his site (

Courtesy: The Verge

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