Do You Want To Calculate How Many Balloons Will Be Needed To Lift A House?

Do you remember the comedy-action film “Up” that was released in 2009 by Pixar Animation Studios? In that movie a curmudgeon person named Carl Fredricksen attached huge amount of helium balloons to his home to hover his house for an exotic adventure. After watching the movie real estate search engine Movoto Real Estate came up with a very simple question : “How many balloons were needed to lift up Fredricksen’s house in the air?” Whether that’s really possible or not in real life but to get the answer of such type of questions, Movoto has created an online calculator. You just need to type in the measurement of any house or structure and the calculator will tell you – “How many balloons would you actually need to lift a house/structure?”


Great minds started to tackle the question. Wired’s Alexis Madrigal calculated that it would take 105,854 balloons to lift Fredricksen’s house. On the other side Nina Rastogi of online magazine Slate calculated that it would take 231,228 balloons for Fredricksen to start his adventure. At last Movoto got involve into the matter to find the answer. With the helpful notes of Madrigai and Rastogi, Movoto team figured out how many party balloons it would take to lift tourist destinations from around the world. Movoto has also calculated how many balloons will be needed to lift up the following structures.

  • White House : 2,976,470,589
  • Empire State Building : 68,705,882,353
  • Wayne Manor : 1,100,000,000
  • Mr. Rogers’ House : 5,647,059
  • Taj Mahal : 2,447,058,824
  • Sears Tower : 41,882,352,941
  • Neverland Ranch : 428,235,295
  • Playboy Mansion : 500,800,000
  • Painted Ladies : 73,647,059
  • Washington Monument : 15,058,823,529
  • Pentagon : 260,000,000,000
  • Burji Khalifa : 94,117,647,059

Now Movoto has created a special calculator that can count how many balloons will be needed to lift up a house or structure. If you are interested to know how many party balloons will be needed to hover your building or any particular structure, just type in the measurement (in sqft or sqm) and get the result. The calculator also gives you the opportunity to guess how many balloons will be needed to hover a structure or house.

Source : Movoto

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