[Video] Dog Returns Lost Items To The Passengers Of KLM Airlines

Dogs have great sniffing power. Using this power, police, FBI, CIA and other law enforcement agencies try to catch criminals. But KLM Airlines uses a dog named Sherlock in order to return the lost item or luggage of a passenger before he/she leaves the airport.


Usually when you forget something on a plane after you land, you have to talk to some cranky airline employee who makes your life a living hell for a good 10 minutes before you get your things back. But KLM Airlines has hired a new officer, Sherlock, who is a dog, but does his duty smoothly and perfectly.

Sherlock Arriving
Sherlock is a beagle. It’s been specifically trained to return lost items to passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Whenever the crew members of KLM Airlines find a phone, blanket or something else left behind in the plane by the passenger, they call Sherlock.

Sherlock Getting Scent Of A Mobile

The dog gets the scent of that thing and using its sniffing power, it runs towards that passenger who left that thing through the airport.

Sherlock On Duty

When the dog finds the right person, it hands over the item to the person . Here’s video of Sherlock on duty doing its work smoothly.

It is to be noted here that KLM Airlines also monitors social media to see if any recent passengers forgot something on the plane. Everyone is really happy with Sherlock’s work.

Sherlock Doing Duty

About Sherlock and its work, KLM employee Chantel Kremer said, “Personally, I think he’s a real asset to the company. And he can really do something no one else can.”

Boy Hugging Sherlock

If you ever get down from KLM Airlines at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, before getting down from the plane, you can intentionally leave something such as phone or your jacket, and see whether or not the dog brings your thing to you.

Source: KLM (YouTube)

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