Happy 20th Birthday Photoshop!

Happy birthday Photoshop. It’s been 20 years since Photoshop first landed on the software market. One of the few softwares that marked a benchmark in the photography editing. Still it’s the number one photography tool for the professionals to amatures. Photoshop has literally become a verb and has had a huge impact on the world of photography and graphic design. Congratulations Adobe and Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is going all-out for the 20th anniversary, taking to Twitter and Facebook and holding parties around the globe.

Yesterday National Association of Photoshop Professionals in US, held a big party for more than 1,000 attendees at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater in San Francisco. Senior Adobe executives and Photoshop evangelists will all be there.

Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe are also getting into the party spirit. Adobe Germany is going to do a 20-hour online marathon, with local experts showing off their favorite tips and tricks. France and India will also be celebrating, with contests to showcase the talents of Photoshop users.

In the documentary below, the founders of Adobe Photoshop – John Knoll, Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman – tell the story of how an amazing coincidence of circumstances, that came together at just the right time 20 years ago, spawned a cultural paradigm shift unparalleled in our lifetime. Video Credit: Adobe TV

Photoshop 1.0

Maybe the coolest event is Adobe TV’s special anniversary broadcast, which will air today at http://tv.adobe.com/go/photoshop-20th-anniversary. The original Photoshop team will reunite for the first time in 18 years to discuss their early work. They’ll also be demonstrating Photoshop 1.0 on a rebuilt Macintosh computer. Retro computing.

Check out this preview of the Photoshop TV program that will air today night.

Adobe says in the Facebook Fan page:

It’s been you and us for 20 years. Your imagination and Adobe® Photoshop® software tools have impacted everywhere we look with extraordinary images, movies, designs and more. On February 19th, we’re kicking off a yearlong celebration to mark the official anniversary. Help us keep it going by adding this “Celebrate” tab to your profile, too. Find out how in the Notes.

The Photoshop Facebook Page has more than 400,000 fans, and Adobe has added some cool downloads to the “Celebrate” tab that will give users a way to customize their Twitter or other social network Avatars, plus a look back at the Photoshop application icon over the years.

On Twitter, Adobe is using a #PS20 hashtag to tweet about the anniversary.

Source: MashableTwitter, Facebook

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