Help! Teens Are Using Digital Drugs to Get High

According to a News 9 segment, these “digital drugs” use “binaural, or two-toned, technology to alter your brain waves and mental state,” producing a “state of ecstasy” for the user. i-Dosers listen to these atonal tracks while sitting motionless with headphones on…..

Kids around the country are getting high on the internet, thanks to MP3s that induce a state of ecstasy. And it could be a gateway drug leading teens to real-world narcotics.At least, that’s what Oklahoma News 9 is reporting about a phenomenon called “i-dosing,” which involves finding an online dealer who can hook you up with “digital drugs” that get you high through your headphones.

I-dosing involves donning headphones and listening to “music” – largely a droning noise – which the sites peddling the sounds promise will get you high. Teens are listening to such tracks as “Gates of Hades,” which is available on YouTube gratis (yes, the first one is always free). Those who want to get addicted to the “drugs” can purchase tracks that will purportedly bring about the same effects of marijuana, cocaine, opium and peyote. While street drugs rarely come with instruction manuals, potential digital drug users are advised to buy a 40-page guide so that they learn how to properly get high on MP3s.

Binaural MP3s are nothing new. In fact, you can get several iPhone applications that promise a better sex drive simply by listening to an audio file daily. But does i-dosing really work? While there are YouTube videos “proving” that it does (see below), when I tried it all I ended up with was irritation that I’d wasted a good 10 minutes of my life. During a News 9 interview, Mark Woodward (video above), spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, also said that it does not work with everyone (unlike real drugs). The may concern is that this might be the channel for impressionable teens to try illegal substances.

Kansas’ Mustang Public School district isn’t taking the threat lightly, and sent out a letter to parents warning them of the new craze. The educators have gone so far as to ban iPods at school, in hopes of preventing honor students from becoming cyber-drug fiends, News 9 reports.

We at Threat Level are stunned and have hundreds of questions.

Will future presidential candidates defend their I-dosing past by saying, “But I had it on mute”? Are we supposed to declare a war on cyber-drugs or a cyber-war on cyber drugs? How will police know if a teen is with headphones on is I-dosing or just listening to Justin Bieber? Is the iPod the bong of the future? What would happen if some ne’er do well took over the console of the Super Bowl and dosed the entire country? What if kids smoked dried banana peels and listened to these trippy tunes at the same time – could they O.D.? What happens if someone sells a tainted MP3?

But some try it and never do it again. One YouTube user says: “I wouldn´t recommend this I-doser. You really don’t feel that well after doing it. Don’t do it.”Studies show the tones do not chemically alter the brain, but parents and educators fear digital drugs will lead to something more harmful, and illegal.

Some say I-dosing is a big online hoax, but others believe more research needs to be done on the effects of digital drugs.


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  1. th3slay3r

    Please tell me this whole story is meant to be a joke. Binaural Tones are not the “Cyber Drug of The Future” and teens don’t get “Hooked up by an online dealer”. You should really do some proper research before making pointless claims about something that has obviously been hyper dramatized by the corporate media as yet another scare story targeting naive parents and people like you. Binaural beats/tones have been around for years being used as a meditation tool and for those with disorders such as insomnia. Recently a company (I-Doser) has turned them into a big commercial venture by designing tones that partially mimic the effects of popular narcotics as well as other experiences such as adrenaline and as you said, sexual stimulation. They have not been proven to have negative effects and if anything it’s probably better that people use these as a healthy alternative to real drugs. What would you rather? Kids smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine or listening to music with their eyes closed and believing that it’s the same. I know which one I would be encouraging. At the end of the day, whether you like it or not, people are going to try different things that most people haven’t heard of and this is why media corporations jump on the chance of making a totally out of context shock story. It’s people like you that make them money. If you believe everything the media says is true, I feel sorry for you. Enjoy living a life of fear and pessimism. If you don’t believe me, look up the statistics, the majority of news airtime goes to unhappy stories of war, scandals and social issues. Not happy things, unless a charity event is sponsored by the station (corporate interests). I could go on for ever but I will stop now. I just hope for everyone’s sake they don’t believe a word or what you or the media say until they have read the facts from both sides and by the way, I’m open to a good debate (or argument) so don’t be afraid to reinstate your opinion. I don’t really mind.

  2. Serum Level

    I-Doser is an HOAX. We cannot every idiot from buying end of world shelters or digital drugs. None of them have proven to work. If drugs could be recreated they would be biggest news of the whole world. This is nothing but an SCAM and HOAX.

  3. Idoser is scam

    I-Doser is nothing but an scam by criminals who try to fraud you and steal your money. They shall all be jailed for a very long time and their assets shall be frozen for cheating. Beware of this fraud. If their was an digital Marijauana or Heroin why would people waste millions/billions of dollar on drugs? Reason is simple- I-doser has been proven to be a fraud. None of its ‘Drugs’ work. Never Ever. They have many staff members spreading misinformation to fool people and fraud them. They are criminals. Govt shall put them in jail.

  4. Visimicus001

    What a stupid article. Ill have the author know that this article is what introduced me to i-doser. All it is is some serious meditation, get over yourself school district.

  5. 420

    I think ill just stick with weed.

  6. i doser mp3

    Thanks for shearing,,,,,,,,,

  7. Ojojiuhuhyf

    What a load of fucking shite. Who-ever wrote this article needs to have their head re-examined.

  8. Ruairí

    Will prayer and meditation be banned also? Help! Teens are using long periods of prayer and fasting to get high!

    Concern over the  impact of non-regulated sound patterns should be higher. But legitimate mp3s for reaching alpha and Theta?? Will they ban Gregorian chanting and Tibetan practices? Will they fuck…

  9. Shanem

    It’s not doing damage to the bodies, it is non addictive, and they do not URGE you to buy the book, they have simple instructions on the website. The book has feng shui to help you get the BEST of what you are doing. These highs only last a quick minute or so and are cool to brag off to other students at school. I have done Gates of Hades and I tell people at my school and they are like “You the man.” It’s not about getting high to all of us, it’s about experiencing something that wouldn’t usually happen, like being taken to heaven, or even hell. You need to stop taking everything away from us, this is ridiculous and I am not supporting this website until I find out that iDosing can cause cancer or any other dangerous thing, but for now, this article is a biased piece of shit. You should actually try it before you rage about it.

  10. Shanem

    They do work, you just have to be calm, still and not force it. Some you have to sleep, some you have to keep your eyes open. Read up about it before you form an opinion. I, myself am an iDoser and it works pretty well. Read their policy, you sir are an ignorant idiot.

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