How Facebook Smart Ads Violating Privacy [Comedy Video]

This is a new video by Travis Kurtz. Here he have shown how Facebook smart Ads could violate your privacy completely. Facebook Smart Ads tracks your internet use behavior, what you like to visit, what you search for, and it deliver ads from those information. Check out the video, its real fun.

Check Out the video first, title of this short video is “Facebook’s “Smart Ads” knowing you TOO well! :D”


Written & Directed: Travis Kurtz
Produced: Matin Atrushi & Travis Kurtz
Edited Roser Segura

This video highlight the fact how Facebook data collection could be ridiculous to our life and how it could violate any users privacy. We need to understand the fact how Facebook going to use the data it track even after we opt-out from Facebook or the data they collect from open-graph protocol.

You could find more of their funny video at their site –

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