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Steve Jobs was an iconic figure and one that changed the world and the way we think about technology. The world lost one of the greatest innovators of the modern era. To put the impact of his passing in perspective, social media business intelligence company EvoApp has created a new infographic highlighting his accomplishments and showing how the web responded hour by hour:

  • Estimated 10,000 tweets per second following the announcement of Steve Job’s death – this would be the most tweets per second ever recorded. This beats the previous record of 8868 tweets per second when US singer BeyoncĂ© announced her pregnancy at the MTV Awards.
  • For October 6th 2011, 8 out of the 10 top Google search terms were Steve Jobs and Apple related.
  • The top trending hashtag on twitter over the last 24 hours is #iSad
  • As the news exploded, Apple mentions skyrocketed, as people were reminiscing on the incredibly impactful legacy Steve Jobs left behind during his tenure as Apple CEO.
  • “Steve Jobs” surpassed “Apple” in web mentions on Thursday morning just after 10am EST. Trending words like #ThankYouSteve have filled Facebook updates and Twitter feeds, as people from all walks of life mourn the passing of a great man.


Some of the financial figures are staggering, as well. During his tenure, he oversaw the discovery of several game-changing products:

  • iPod – the iPod changed the music industry forever. There are now two notable eras in music; “pre-iPod” and “post-iPod”. Arguably one of the greatest inventions in history.
    • Jobs saw 300 million iPods sold under his watch.
  • iPhone – as if the music industry wasn’t enough, the next game-changer was the iPhone. People have never looked at phones the same since.
    • Apple sold 128 million iPhones under his tenure.
  • iPad – Took the personal computing industry to the next level. Revolutionized the way we interact with the personal web.
    • Apple sold 62 million iPads under his tenure


Apple saw a +354% increase in net profit margin, +36% average annual profit growth, and +29% average annual stock return during his run as Apple CEO. That was the magic of Steve Jobs; not just, elegance, innovation, and superior functionality, but masterful success as well. Steve was a true master of innovation. Jobs worked hard to discover beautiful technologies down to his very last breath. Even during his struggle with cancer, he delivered insightful keynotes to wide-eyed onlookers, proving to the world that technology doesn’t have to just be practical, but beautiful and pleasurable as well. He may be gone, but never forgotten. As people explore the next frontier of technological capability, they will always remember the man who changed the game.


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